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Confirmed Kourtney Kardashian Is PREGNANT.

August 12, 2009


Yes we thought it was all rumors, but NOPE. Kourtney Kardashian is in fact pregnant and flat out admitted it to Ryan Seacrest On E! news. Official phrases said to Ryan:

“I found out I was pregnant,” Kourtney was cited as telling Ryan. “We were in the Everglades and I kept feeling nauseous and sick and I just kept thinking, like, something wasn’t feeling right. I’ve never missed a period in my [life].”

“I took like 20 tests,” she went on revealing. “I went to the doctor and he confirmed the news and I was just so shocked.” Telling all about her pregnancy, Kourtney however didn’t reveal to E! News who her baby’s father is and how you just have to tune into Kourtney&Khloe Take Miami to find out!