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FAN PICTURES! @marianalizabeth with celebrities!

July 25, 2009

Thanks to @marianalizbeth for sending in pictures of her and celebrities!

Enjoy everyone (:








Jonas Brothers Fan Story from Bryanne

July 21, 2009

Bryanne,15 recently sent in her experience at the Jonas Brothers concert. Read her story to see how she got her tickets, and her chaotic experience of almost missing the concert. Also, check out some of the awesome pictures Bryanne took of the boys.

“July 12, 2009: The day i entered Z100 and Burger Kings Search for the 20 Biggest Jonas Brothers fans. Never would i think i would actually have a shot at winning, but by some miracle, i did! I got the call July 15, the day after my third Jonas Concert. I was so excited! All i heard was “Hi, this is to notify Bryanne that she won Jonas Brothers Soundcheck and Concert tickets for the July 20 concert at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY” I SCREAMED. I couldnt control it! i was so happy!
I called my mom, still shaking, and told her what happened. She was really excited for me too! Well, when she got home from work, she said she had bad news. She told me how i couldnt go because she had to work and there was no way for me to get there. I was so sad/angry i called EVERYONE trying to get myself to the coliseum for 3:45. I finally found someone to take me, my moms friend and her daughter. The mom was all for it!
Well, that was a LIE! Sunday, July 19th at 8:45 PM my mom calls her to make sure she’ll come get me at 8am so we can get there on time and have lunch and the lady completely BAILS! She said that she couldnt do it because it was too far away and the guy from soundcheck hadnt called me yet so she didnt want to go all the way up there for just a concert. BUT she did say if the soundcheck guy called she would bring us-Ok i do agree with that SOMEWHAT- We live in Southern Jersey and the concert was all the way on Long Island, NY…a good four hour drive.BUT I KNEW I WON SOUNDCHECK! all i had to do was give them my name; which they took and i would be good! i dont think she realized how much this meant to me! I have entered so many JB contests to try to get to concerts, meet them, win signed things, and always…i get nothing. So i finally win something and i cant go because this lady wont take me?! whats up with that?! I mean really, she could have told me and my mom that it was too far away for her BEFORE the night before the concert?! I probably could have found someone to get me there! But i couldnt because it was too short notice.. :/  This ‘best’ part of this was i was in the car when i found this out, and NEVER–very RARELY will you hear a Jonas Brothers song on the radio right? Well not this night! EVERY single station i turned to was playing a Jonas song, or they were talking about the Jonas Brothers. I was like—ARE YOU SERIOUS?!  I cried soooo bad. 😥
When i got home…i locked myself in my room and cried myself to sleep…but i just couldnt fall asleep! So i cried some more….
Well day of the concert came, and i got up…took a shower…put my PJs on and sat in the chair and pressed Repeat on the DVR. What was a watching? Jonas. —like you guessed i cried some more. I was right in the middle of ‘Complete Repeat’ when my phone rang. I didnt recognize the number…
“Hi this is Brian from Burger King, for soundcheck today were going to be meeting at the Apple Fries truck at 3:45. Its right in front of the venue. Youll see it. Ok?”
“YES! Thankyou sooooo much! Ill see you then!”
“Great. Bye”
So i call my mom after this and tell her that he called me so now i could go! I was so happy! i was getting ready, listening to JB, making a poster that said “Make my dreams come true and sing to me?!”, charging my camera, you know the norm 🙂
Well, an hour and a half goes by…its now 11:30. I call my mom and ask her where the lady mom said. “shes not taking you” WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! COMEON! All this for NOTHING!?! i guess so… well that just put me in a better mood. so i sat back in the couch..watched Jonas…and hysterically BAWLED!
It was now like 1:40 when my mom called me. “Get Ready. Im coming home to take you” We wouldnt have made it in time! we had only two hours to get somewhere thats four, sometimes 5 hours away! I told her just to forget it. My life already sucked, i didnt want to get my hopes up yet again. She said she was coming home anyway and to be ready.
3:45 came. —i was suppose to be looking Joseph Adam in eyes…but instead i couldnt see through my eyes because it was blury from the burst of tears. 😥
Well my mom came home around 4. My dad and mom convinced me that i should atleast go to the concert because i had really good seats. Section 104 Row 2. So i went with my mom and the EVIL ladies daughter(it wasnt fair that her daughter had to suffer too). 
—3 hours later (it honestly didnt take four hours!)—
when we get there we found the BK apple fries truck where we were suppose to meet for
soundcheck and i asked for the guy who was in charge hoping there were atleast something he could do for know? like atleast give me the laminate that everyone else got… :/ well we found him and he literally looked at me, said my name, *phone rang* and started bolting it to wherever he was going. I WAS SO PISSED! so then we went inside and our seats
are AMAZING! we were so close yet, so far away♥
so were waitingg…honor society comes out..THEY ARE AMAZING…then wonder girls…jordin sparks..then the lights come on for about 20 minutes…then what do i see wheel RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME?! the infamous black JONAS BOX that carrys a jonas under the stage!!!! i was literally 5 inches away from a jonas-in-a-box ! so here i am SHAKING. TREMBLING. HYPERVENTALATING. I took a lot of pictures of that box! I was so shocked because no one else knew what it was…? i guess they havent OBSESSE–researched 🙂 like i do.

then the time came to get PARANOID. 🙂 i was hyperventalating. again. I WAS FEET AWAY FROM THEM! never had i thought i would get that close to them! they performed with their whole hearts… it was much different then the July 14th show…
anyway joe came over to our side during Poison Ivy and let me tell you… everyone (in my section atleast) was like woo…a jonas is standing right infront of me and i was like AH OMFJ JOE JONAS I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and like jumping on top of seats and waving lights and my body to get his attention and i DID! HE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME AS HIS ARMS WERE OPEN WIDE AND MOUTHED I LOVE YOU TOO! WE LOCKED EYES AND I AM STILL SPEECHLESS ! ❤ it was such an amazing moment. i felt the intensity and honesty in his words. my life is complete. thats all i ever wanted was for joe to say I love you to me!
Well the songs went onn… you know the deal….hold on, year 300… nicks speech was so incredible ! it was so… inspirational? yes. it was inspirational. he said that we believe he is the inspiration to us, but in reality, we are his inspiration. i was sobbing.

well at one point nick took off his shirt (he had the LVATT shirt under it) and these people in my section i swear! they didnt do anything…i was like flipping out !!! and joe was like ” haha nicks taking off his shirt ” (you hear a few girls scream;; when they stopped i did a blood curdling scream) he said this part fast— “ahh all the ahhh girls are screaming ahhh because nick jonas took off his shirt ahhh ahhh ahhh beeepitybeepbeeeepity ahhh nick jonas i love you i love you marry me! your so hott ! ahhhh! ” nick just looked at him intensely. then joe stopped and they both laughed hysterically for like 2 minutes. kevin just shook his head. it was great! they also sang stuff from jonas.. and during Live To Party..not only did i get foamed…my life got even BETTER!!  when they came over top of us i stood on my chair jumping SCREAMING and trying to grab onto the arm and kevin was looking down at our section and he waved to the girls next to me then looked at me-pointed- said something to joe and laughed then joe looked down at me AGAIN<3 and i FREAKED and he sprayed foam directly on me!!! and then laughed some more…BUT I DONT CARE! he can laugh at me all i want i still love him! thenn the concert just continued… nothing really all that special after that. 🙂
concert ended.
we left.
on our way home we stopped at the rest area and went to the burger king and me and that ladies daughter saw a HUGE Jb poster hanging up and here we are decked out in jonas and the guy was like “like the jonas brothers?” im like Uh yes? does it look like it? can you hear my voice…? (and it cracked and went really low–i still have no voice) and he looks at me and my friend and said take it so we took the huge poster. 🙂
so that was my night…it would have been better had i gotten to soundcheck like i was suppose to…but i wouldnt change anything because it was amazing just the way that it was<3
Thank you Jonas Brothers. For everything. I love you. :)”