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Demi Lovato Walmart Live Soundcheck DVD.

November 6, 2009

Look at Demi go, you all know and love her music and it’s all there at Walmart. For her new DVD of all of your favorites like, Get Back, Remember December, and MUCH MORE! Are you all going to be making the purchase of Demi’s new soundcheck DVD? Coming November 10, 2009 for $9.00 at your local WalMart. This also includes an exclusive interview with Demi herself. Comment us here.


More Remember December Pics.

October 28, 2009

demi remember december setnormal_019demi set remember december

Demi and her crew walking it out on Hollywood Blvd. for her new music video ‘Remember December’.


Demi Lovato Remember December.

October 27, 2009

demi remember decemember set

Demi on set of her new music video that she claims will be the best yet, ‘Remember December’. With Camp Rock 2 stars Ana Maria Perez De Tagle, Meghan Martin, Chloe Bridges, & Our very own Demi Lovato. Check out the hairstyles. Awesome. You all excited for this video? (: Comment us.


Camp Rock 2: Final Jam Trailer #1

September 29, 2009

Are you excited to see Camp Rock 2 and newcomer Chloe Bridges? Tell us what you think.


Demi & Dirk Kissing Photo?

September 29, 2009


Now to tell you the truth I wasn’t even sure if Demi & this photographer Dirk Mai were anything considering he’s 23 and she is 16? But now that I see this picture of what looks to be them kissing…I’m not sure. What about all of you guys. Comment us HERE, on the website below. (:


Demi Lovato Dating Photographer Dirk Mai?

September 27, 2009



Dirk Mai is a 23 year old photographer some of you may know or not, but recently the talented Demi Lovato has been linked with the hotshot photographer Dirk Mai. A Canadian news staff recently have reported this. Do you think Demi has a new boyfriend? Hmm? Comment us HERE (: & find us on



August 20, 2009


Are you gonna join Demi Lovato in her live facebook chat? Comment us (: