About Us

What is kidsETnews?

Kids Entertainment News was formed in 2009 to give kids and teens news and information about their favorite celebrities, actors/actresses and musicians. Based in Los Angeles, we have access to many Red Carpet events, TV tapings, Films, and concerts.. PLUS! we cover all the major award shows and film premieres, like the Kids Choice Awards, the Teen Choice Awards, and the People’s Choice Awards and other promotional events for the networks, studios, and record labels. Our mission is simple: To give all kids and teens access to Entertainment News and Information in a timely and fun manner. Keep checking back as we for  photos, videos, interviews,  and other exciting news coverage as we grow and discover this year. Plus we will keep you up to date on the latest events happening in the entertainment world!

Who is Katie?

Katie is a teenage girl who loves anything & everything Hollywood (: She co-founded kidsETnews along with her bestfriend Page. Katie loves photography, LA, swimming, volleyball, shopping, and chilling with friends. She, along with Page, decided to for this website because she loves the whole “LA/Hollywood Scene” and wanted to share her experiences with you. She is also into acting (: She hopes that by creating this website, it will give our readers an inside look into Hollywood that they have never seen or known about before. 

Who is Page?

Page is an entertainment obsessed teenage girl. She co-founded this website with her bestfriend Katie and is dedicated to bringing her readers the complete inside scoop. In her spare time, Page enjoys playing soccer, dancing, swimming, and socializing with friends. She will be entering 9th grade this fall and has a major interest in Video Production as she hopes to become a major director or producer someday. Page hopes you enjoy the site as much as she enjoyed making it for you all 🙂

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