Mitchel Musso Concert – Mandi’s Fan Story

October 20, 2009



“On October 15, Me and my friend Emily went to the Mitchel Musso concert in Jupiter, Florida. When we got there we saw the stage and how there was a fenced out section on the field, then another part of the field then seats. We went all the way down to the fenced off section and gave the guy our tickets. I asked him if my tickets were for the fenced off part which was right against the stage. and he said “sure why not” and let us in. Turns out we werent supposed to be in there but he let us anyways. When it was Mitchel’s time to perform, he always came over to where I was right against the stage. After that he would get on his knees and hold me hand and sing to me. Mithcel after a bit took my camera and i said no wait let me get the right setting but he didnt listen and took it then took a pic..but he missed….lol. OH! then I took off my vest and wiped my sweat with it while he looked signaling him to take it and wipe his sweat. And so he took it from me then wiped his sweat then gave it back and I put it in his face again meaning “keep it” so he clenched it againt his heart!AWW lol then he put it on the drums. then towards the end while mitchel was drinking his water i jumped up and hit the bottle and he looked down and gave me the “you want it?” look and i nodde my head. SO he bent down and gave it to me. After the concert, we waited by the exit door and out came ….MITCHEL MUSSO! All of us scremed like little girlies for a couple seconds then got calm..Mitchel walked over to us and said hi. The security guard said “only a couple of people can take pictures! we need to go.” so me and emily freaked out. I screamed his name. and he smiled. then i said “yeah you took my camera during the concert and you missed. so i think we need a retake.” and he laughed then said sure no problem. And then he rapped his arm around me and rubbed/patted my back..an i melted. haha then I asked him if he could give me a kiss and he said he wasnt allowed either but i could give him one. So then i looekd at emily and she smiled and i just kissed him hhaa (only on the cheek of course)…it was amazing! Emily didnt get a picture though..but i still remember exactly how it went! haha then emily went up and got a picture. then as he went towards his van, I asked him to sign our tickets WHICH HE DID! then he got on his van and everyone was like “dont run after it!” but i didnt anyways for liek a half a mile..but never caught up to it…and that is the story OF THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE…”



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  1. hii!! that is not how it happened k so stop makin uup crap just so u look good…k i was next to u

  2. hey mandii. haha, i was with you the whole time at the concert! we were standing next to each other remember!? lol! haah soo wiiieeerrd (:

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