Miley Cyrus NEW SONG, Party In The USA

July 28, 2009

Miley Cyrus has a new song finally! (: Yay! It’s called Party In The USA what do you ALL think? Comment us here!



  1. Eh, I don’t really like it. Doesn’t seem to be Miley’s style. Not really feeling it. Nice try, Miley!

  2. I think it sounds amazing! but it is a little bit different style then what style she had in the past.
    it is a very catchy song & i love every song by her. every thing she does is awesome! i am a huge fan. I do love everything she does,i will buy everything she creates no matter what.

  3. Awazing i love u miley<3<3

  4. Eh. I’m not that big on it. It starts off sounding too much like ‘How Far Is Heaven’ by Los Lonely Boys and then gets really annoying from there on just because of the constant repetative-ness and Idk. I guess it’s just too techno-y for me.

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