Camilla WAS CHEATING. The Official Story.

July 27, 2009


Ex girlfriend of Joe Jonas was spotted dating Fernando Verdasco. They’ve been secretly dating. This picture was taken a few weeks ago. She admitted to Joe she was cheating but Joe couldn’t wrap his head into believing it. Do you think Camilla & Joe made a good couple? Photo taken: March 20,2009 Indiana Wells, California




  1. I just want Joe happy, so whatever makes Joe happy, makes Me happy!


  2. She sucks I mean is she an idiot if it was another it won’t seem shocking but it’s JOE JONAS

  3. BITCH !!

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought they were such a great couple. WOW I like her.

  5. OMG i can’t believe it. i thought they were cute together. and she’s with Verdasco??? are you serious??

  6. Poor Joe!!!! Camilla is horrible for doing that to him!!! They were a bad couple but it’s still Joe Jonas. I feel so sorry for him!!!

  7. Wow. Skank. I didnt like them together. Thank god they arnt anymore. Goo Joe! 🙂

  8. 😥
    i hate her so much. and it’s been like that since the lovebug video came out 😦
    i know ishouldhave been happy for joe but really i knew she was weird (:
    i love joe.

    • Right, like hating the girlfriend of a celebrity you’ll probably never meet, or date, isn’t weird.

  9. la odio la odio con toda mi alma!
    el esta mal por su culpa LA ODIO

  10. They were both idiots who shouldn’t be famous, so they made a good couple. But I could care less!

  11. i was crying when i found out…joe really liked her but she had to go cheat on him..then dunped him….i HATE HER!! camilla made joe happy so i had to be happy for him..but i never liked her…but now camilla done messed up big time shes going to be hated for the rest of her entire life by alot of us jonas fans…I HATE YOU CAMILLA!!!

    • true fan rite there,rock on! lol i wanna b friendss

    • MYGOD.
      you fail, HARD.

  12. Joe Jonas fails, the chick is much better off without him. He’s a loser who tries too hard to be funny.
    Everyone gets cheated on, boohoo .

    • question:
      do you like Taylor Swift by any chance??

  13. camilla sucks dick..i know i say it alot..but its true…and she is such a UGHHH! i hate her!

  14. right, you guys are uber mature.
    quit whining and go live a real life.
    he’ll get over it, the rest of us in the real world do.

  15. OLOLOL.
    I find it pathetic how the little fangirls hate Camilla.
    what are you, 11?
    Everyone gets cheated on, Joe’s not the only one.
    Stop acting like he is.

    • i’m 14 1/2 thank u veryy much and oo really and maybe selena gomez is uglyy?! (soo sry sel 4 sayin that,but i had 2 make a point) yaa use ur brain! im A DEDICATED FAN OF JB AND JUST LEAVE US ALONE,really U would b mad at some1 U knew that waz really close 2 u 4 cheating or wat all,soo stop!!!! sometimes its bad,sometimes not so much but really,y wouldnt joe believe fans and yet her if it waz true…ya think.

      • Learn how to spell, darlin.
        what the hell does selena gomez have to do with anything ? Use YOUR brain, genius.

        You make no sense whatsoever, noob.
        Learn to type and make sense of words, and not go on about some totally irrelevant.

      • haha I was just thinking the same thing: what the hell has selena to do with all this??

        and btw it’s not even 100% sure that she cheated on him.
        I am a dedicated fan, too but what most fans do is just plain immature and mean!


  16. Pooor Joe.. What a cow she is.

  17. LUL@MEGZ.
    You have no life, little eight year-old..

  18. omg that retard she dont know what she had

  19. I never really liked them together, but I hate to see Joe this upset. She’s such a bitch.

  20. Yeahh exactly guys! OMG I hate hate hatttee Camilla! When it comes 2 my Jonai I do NOT kid around,I protect/support them with everyyyything they do! And joe even said he wanted 2 marry her,OMfg wat is his prob? Like I luv him soooo much, when I go 2 the Jonas concert 7/29 I’m gonna run up on stage, no matter what and give joe a realllllll big hug,then slap him in da face 4 believing that cheatin bitch and telling him 2 marry me,i dont cheat! (= hah lol and then hugging him again,yesss lol Jaylor waz sooo much betta! i miss them

    • OMJ!

      Taylor Swift is still being all gaga about joe breaking up with her more than a year ago – and you hate camilla for breaking up with joe??? why not taylor for making it all public – its noones business!

  21. I think she’s a huge idiot for doing that Joe deserves better

  22. No they weren’t a good couple at ALL! she always seemed so stuck up and always faked smiles when you saw pic of her.
    I’m SO glad thats over! Joe deserves better.

  23. You people a pathetic losers.

  24. are*

  25. Wow, I feel so sorry for Joe. No one deserves to get cheated on. ): I am sure he will be okay, but I can only imagine how bad he feels. I was never really a fan of Camilla, but I knew Joe liked her, so I was happy for them as a couple. Wow, of all the people…why would she cheat on JOE? So many girls would kill to date him. I guess Camilla isn’t one of them. :/ It’s just so sad to see that happen to anyone, especially someone as great as Joe.

  26. fucking bitch..
    I always knew she was, but.. ugh!
    i hate her.

  27. I thought she would. 😐 She just seems like that type of person. I always thought it would turn out this way. I know Joe was happy, but everyone warned him. Well, he deserves better. I wish Jemi would happen but it won’t. 😐 ❤

  28. i love joe foreva and camilla dosnt deserve him then again i think nobodys good enough for him shes a whore i knew it from the moment they started dating she looks lik a cheater she really hurt him im so glad they arent together anymore i hope someone cheats on her so she can see how it feels

  29. That whore!

  30. k seriously, what the fuck camilla. what the fuck. she is SUCH a bitch. didnt she know that she’d be the most hated person evvvvvver once everyone found this out? likkkkkkkkke seriously. joe does NOT deserve anything like that.

  31. OMG That’s Fckin Shockin Hate Her :@

  32. omg i h8 camilla!!! she such a biatch!!! poor joey! 😦 luv ya joe! ur better off w/ demi!!!

  33. That is so sad. I used to like Camilla to…

  34. BITCH!!!!! I HATE HER SO MUCH!!!

    I can’t believe she did that to sweet, beautiful Joe!!
    She’s such an idiot!! I’m so glad they broke up!!
    Joe diserves someone better!! She wasn’t good enough for him!! WHAT A WHORE!!!

  35. what a fuking bitch I HATE HER SO FUKING MUCH what the fuck is wrong with her i am so fuking mad you can’t do this to joseph the best person in the world!!!!

  36. never heard so much bullshit in my life. Her mom is also on that picture and everyone knows that Fernando is gay.

  37. she’s such a slutty ass bitch! i always hated her. and even more now! she can go die in a whole!!!!

  38. Thats soooo mean, i always thought there was something wrong with her….. Something in her makes her look like shes evil….

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