The Noie & Ems Show Joins Miley Cyrus 09′ Tour!

July 24, 2009

noah cyrus and emily grace reeaves

Noah Cyrus the youngest of the Cyrus family, and The Hannah Montana Movie’s: Emily Grace Reaves is supposed to join Miley Cyrus’s concert 2009 tour. Is the whole family? First Trace with his band Metrostation, then Brandi’s new band wants to join ‘Frank& Derol’, and now of course the two cute girls Noah and Emily! It’s just a bunch of Cyrus fun this tour! Are you gonna join Miley, and her family and her friends on her 2009′ tour?! (: Comment us here! Maybe they’ll even sing Miley’s song ‘The Driveway’ together! (Credit: T2 Public Relations)



  1. had are they go do school they with miley and they and aunt sister noah emily grace
    noah rock
    form sierra

  2. Hey it is me Emily I love the pic!

  3. hey it is Emily i love the pic and i gotta go because we are on the road so i gotta go and Noah Miley Trace Billy Tish and more people!

  4. Wow they look like sluts 😦

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